The Cardinal's Blades

Author(s): Pierre Pevel

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The Cardinal's Blades is part historical novel, part old-fashioned swashbuckling high-action adventure, and part classic fantasy. Pierre Pevel has woven some of the best-loved fantasy tropes - musketeer-style adventuring, daring swordsmen, political intrigue, non-stop action and dragons - into a stunning new fantasy series. Paris, 1633. Louis XIII reigns over France ...and Cardinal Richelieu governs the country. One of the most dangerous and most powerful men in Europe, Richelieu keeps a constant, sharp eye on the enemies of the Crown to avoid their assassination attempts, thwart their spies and avert their warmongering. But he's up against people who will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even going so far as to forge alliances with France's oldest and deadliest enemies. Spain, and the Court of Dragons. The nobility keep tiny dragonnets as pets; royal couriers ride tame wyverns, and lethal man-shaped scaled dracs ropam the country. But the power rising from the Court of Dragons is anything but mundane; the Black Claw sect draws on dragons as they once were: ancient, terrible, utterly merciless ...and poised to move against France. Faced with the growing threat from Spain, Richelieu summons Captain la Fargue, an exceptional swordsman, devoted officer and brilliant leader. If he's to turn aside the Black Claw's schemes, La Fargue and his legenday company of swashbucklers and rogues must be persuaded to once again risk their lives, fortunes and reputations for Richelieu, and for France. It's the biggest challenge yet for The Cardinal's Blades - and they'll need to be sharp ...


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Exceptionally commercial concept The musketeers, Cardinal's Guard and Cardinal Richelieu have never been out of fashion This is superb swashbuckling fun - with dragons! Pierre Pevel is a stunning writer, and winner of both the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire and the Prix Imaginales

"If you are looking for a swashbuckler, you probably won't be disappointed with The Cardinal's Blades, especially if you like your swashbuckling with a smattering of history." INTERZONE 'An enormously thigh-slapping, cheering, toasting, roaring, puking, bawling, galloping, adventuring hearty piece of fiction' Adam Roberts "The author does 'historical with dragons' just as well as Naomi Novik. This is a worthy addition to the shelves, the idea of stealing Dumas's world is brilliant and the author's recreation of 17th Century Paris is impressive." -- Jon Courtenay Grimwood SFX Pierre Pevel has crafted a fantasy novel of depth and style ... thanks to Pevels eye for detail, swashbuckling action and characterisation this ends up being something quite original SciFi Now 'This is a swashbuckling novel packed with rooftop chases, back-alley swordfights, epic tavern brawls, clandestine roadside meetings in coaches and cool diplomatic exchanges between men of power where what is left unsaid can be as important as what is voiced ... Overall, The Cardinal's Blades is a rollicking good book, full of action, adventure, mystery and some quite delicious intrigue.' The Wertzone 'If I had to sum up The Cardinal's Blades in two words, they would be: great fun. This is the France of Alexandre Dumas and Fanfan la Tulipe: a land of flashing blades and break-neck chases, beautiful women and gallant warriors, of masquerades and midnight plots and sword play.' Strange Horizons

Pierre Pevel, born in 1968, is one of the foremost writers of French fantasy today. The author of seven novels, he was awarded theGRAND PRIX DE L'IMAGINAIRE in 2002 and the PRIX IMAGINALES in 2005, both for best novel.

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