Why have I been refunded?

Occasionally, we are unable to supply a book. We do refunds and send emails advising of this within 24-48 hours of the order being picked.

These are the main reasons we may have been unable to supply a book you ordered:
1. the book is in short quantity on the website and sells out overnight - basically, someone else got there first;
2. if you have had books in your cart for a while, the book may have gone out of stock in the meantime. Removing and re-adding your books when you are ready to check out will help to confirm the books you want are still in stock;
3. we may have a copy of the book, but when we locate it on the shelf we see that it is heavily damaged and unsaleable;
4. sometimes there is an error with our inventory whch says the book is in stock when in fact it isn’t.  We are constantly reviewing and updating our inventory so these problems are fixed as they are identified.

I received my delivery - but it’s incomplete - yet I haven’t heard anything from you?
Very occasionally, you may receive your delivery before you receive the refund and the email. If you wait 24 hours, you should receive both.   

What if my order has dropped below the free delivery threshold because you couldn’t supply a book? Will I be charged shipping?
No. We do not charge shipping on an order which qualified for free shipping and which subsequently dropped below this amount because of a short supply at our end.  

Will I have another chance to purchase the book? How will I know when it is back in stock?
It’s worth checking back on the website from time to time as even if a book is out of stock, it might come back into stock again. The usual $10 shipping / free shipping over $50 threshold applies to these orders.

I purchased a book, was told it was unavailable and got a refund, and now I see it online again - what happened?
We stock the website with books we are constantly  unpacking here at the warehouse. Sometimes we will sell out of a title, meaning it is unavailable, but elsewhere in the warehouse at the same time, we might come across another boxful of the title and we put it back on the website. Very rarely, this may occur within a day or two of it selling out.

If you want to follow up please email us at